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The Proccess:

Step 1. A Camp-Roofing technician visits the site, inspects and evaluates your roof.      This includes taking measurements and inspecting the roof deck as well as inside the attic for water damage, splits and any separation that may be occurring in the wood.


Step 2.  Customer selects the manufacturer, type and color of roofing product.

Step 3.  Camp-Roofing provides a proposal to the customer with the scope of work.


Step 4.  Upon approval, Camp-Roofing files all applicable paperwork pertaining to permits, inspections and building codes to begin the project.


Step 5.  Camp-Roofing supplies and delivers the materials and dumpster.


Step 6.  Work begins and continues until completion weather permitting.


Step 7.  Upon completion, yard and surrounding area is thoroughly cleaned with a magnet and all debris is cleared and hauled away.


Step 8.  Customer is provided with final inspection report and before and after photos.


New Roof

Roof Maintenance

Roof Repair

New Gutter


Gutter Repair


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