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Camp-Roofing Specialists has been serving Great Seattle residents for over 12 years.  Our full-time, expertly, trained and certified employees are knowledgeable, reliable and experienced in all roofing systems including:

M e t a l


T i l e



S h i n g l e s



S h a k e



F l a t



T a p e r e d


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Camp-Roofing Specialists will help you navigate the insurance adjusting and claims process.  We provide a free inspection and detailed report of the condition of your roof to assist you in receiving the maximum coverage allowed and applicable to your particular situation.

Upon inspection of your roof we will make a recommendation as to whether to repair the roof or replace it in its entirely. Camp-Roofing specialists are experts in working with your insurance company to document the damage and file the correct papers. Depending on the nature of the roof damage, we can replace your roof at little or no cost to you.

Camp-Roofing Specialists can assist you with any roofing emergency that may happen.  We can provide and install  “Emergency Blue Tarp Over” if required. In Seattle, the weather may not always allow Camp-Roofing to start your repairs immediately, but we will try and protect your home until the repairs can be completed.

We do not use sub-contractors.  All of our employees are fully licensed and insured.

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